MHK Settlement Guarantee ™

MHK Settlement Guarantee ™

We understand that your injury is personal, and it equally deserves the utmost personal attention from our attorneys and staff. This is why we wrote the MHK Settlement Guarantee.

First, we should tell you what we can’t guarantee. We can’t guarantee that we will win or settle your case. While we have confidence that we will win or settle your case, it is impossible to guarantee it. If an attorney tells you they will guarantee it, get it in writing. We will review that written guarantee for free.

To make things simpler, we’ve decided to list everything our Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation clients receive when they hire us – a guarantee we stand behind.

So without further ado, the MHK Settlement Guarantee.


No Fee Until We Settle or Win Your Case

The more money we win for you, the more money we earn.

This gives our law firm tremendous incentive to make your case as successful as possible. However, there is no legal requirement that a lawyer charge you a set fee or a percentage of money recovered in a case.

As in any other contract, you have the right to talk with your attorney about the proposed fee, and to bargain about the rate or percentage. If you do not reach an agreement with one lawyer, you may talk with other lawyers. You may also hire your lawyer on an hourly rate.

Our settlement guarantee:

You will not have to pay any attorney’s fees, whatsoever, if we don’t win or settle your case.

No Costs or Expenses Unless We Settle or Win Your Case

A lot of time and money goes into representing our clients against large insurance companies. These costs include, but are not limited to:

  • outgoing faxes, copies, scans, print charges and technology support
  • telephone calls, courier and overnight services and postage
  • paralegal time, Legal Secretary time, and overtime
  • third party services such as transcripts, title searches, title insurance, filing and recordation fees and taxes
  • other transaction-related disbursements, such as expert witnesses and consultants and investigators

We front all of these costs for our clients.

We do this because we have confidence in our ability. Often times our clients can not afford to front these fees and costs and will be denied justice.  There is a very low chance that we will lose or fail to settle your case.

Our settlement guarantee:

If we do lose your case, you will owe nothing to our law firm. You will not owe attorney’s fees or costs, whatsoever. All we ask of you, is your fullest cooperation.

We Tell the Insurance Company to Settle, or Get Sued

We have handled, settled or won thousands of cases in Pennsylvania, and have gone to battle with every insurance company licensed to sell insurance in PA.

When we take your injury case, the first thing we do is to put the insurance company on notice that MHK Attorneys is handling your case. They know that if they don’t settle your claim for a fair amount, we will usually sue within 30 to 60 days of the settlement offer.

Our settlement guarantee:

You have a say in when we sue. If the insurance company is not negotiating in good faith, we sue.

Hardwork, Competence and Diligence

Before hiring an attorney, you have the right to know about their education, training and experience. If you ask, the lawyer should tell you about his or her actual experience dealing with cases similar to yours. They should also provide information about special training or knowledge, and give you this information in writing if you request it.

Our settlement guarantee:

Our staff and lawyers will use their skill, training and education to the best of their ability and work diligently on your case to be successful.

Personal Service and Return Phone Calls

The biggest complaint we hear about other law firms, is that no one will call them back. This is often the result of a high volume law firm where they take lots of little cases.

Our settlement guarantee:

Your phone calls will be returned within one business day by a member of our staff or the attorney working on your case.

Final Approval of Fees and Costs

You are guaranteed the right to receive and approve a closing statement at the end of your case before any funds are disbursed from your settlement or jury verdict.

The closing statement must list all the financial details of the entire case. This includes the amount recovered, all expenses, and a precise statement of your attorney’s fee. You also have the right to have every lawyer or law firm working on your case, sign the closing statement.

Our settlement guarantee:

Until you approve the closing statement, you need not pay any money to anyone, including your attorney at MHK Attorneys.

Right to Decide the Amount of Settlement of Your Case

Your lawyer must notify you of all offers of settlement before and after the trial. Offers during the trial must be immediately communicated, and you should consult with your lawyer regarding whether or not to accept a settlement. You, the client, must make the final decision to accept or reject a settlement.

Our settlement guarantee:

You maintain the right to make the final decision regarding settlement of your case.

Right to Ask and Receive an Update From Your Lawyer

The status of your case and how it is progressing toward a settlement should be communicated with you.

Our settlement guarantee:

You the right to ask your lawyer at MHK Attorneys, at reasonable intervals, to answer your questions promptly and to the best of their ability.

You Have the Right to Fire MHK Attorneys

If we break our guarantee; if we don’t live up to our word; you have the right to fire us if we have disappointed you, for any reason.

If you fire us, we will help you find another attorney and deliver your file to them. The only thing we ask, is that the new attorney compensate us for our time should he win or settle your case.

Our MHK settlement guarantee:

If the new attorney does not win or settle your case, you owe us nothing.

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