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2013 Pennsylvania occupational injuries
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2013 Pennsylvania occupational injuries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 178 people lost their lives due to occupational injuries in 2013. Seventy-six of those fatalities were due to transportation incidents. Another 31 fatalities were due to contact with equipment and objects.

The number of fatalities due to transportation incidents is actually expected to rise for 2013 when other documentation is received. Even so, the two causes listed above account for 57 percent of Pennsylvania workplace accidents. Fall, slips or trips accounted for another 25 deaths.

Transportation incidents represent a real danger to workers in our state. Accidents in motor vehicles caused 45 deaths, which was one-fourth of all fatalities on-the-job. However, the percentage of transportation incidents in Pennsylvania was slightly lower than the national percentage.

The warehousing and transportation industry sector had 35 fatalities, which was four higher than the previous year. While it might be commonly thought that the construction industry was responsible for the highest fatality count, it was actually semi-truck and heavy truck drivers.

Finally, 92 percent of the fatalities were men, which was just shy of the national percentage of 93. Of the 14 women who were killed, five were due to violence and injuries from animals or persons.

Workers’ compensation pays death benefits to workers who are killed while working on the job. This includes those who are killed in traffic accidents while driving on the clock. If such a claim is denied, an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation appeals can help. Losing a loved one in an occupational accident is difficult; however, it should not be difficult to receive his or her death benefits.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Workplace Fatalities in Pennsylvania – 2013,” accessed June 18, 2015

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