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Do all truckers know how to drive in high wind?
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Do all truckers know how to drive in high wind?

When the wind picks up, every driver on the road needs to pay close attention to how this alters driving conditions. Driving in high wind is easier said than done, especially for truckers. The higher the vehicle the more difficult it is to control when winds pick up. Adding to the challenge is the fact that high winds are often accompanied by rain and other adverse weather conditions.

All truckers are trained at how to drive safely in high wind. Unfortunately, some overlook what they should be doing, thus putting themselves and other drivers at risk.

Some of the things that truck drivers should do include:

— Slow down to a safer speed. The slower you drive in the wind the easier it is to control the vehicle.

— Increase following distance. Every driver, truckers included, should give themselves more time to stop.

— Keep both hands on the wheel. When the wind blows, you may feel that you are losing control of your vehicle. If you feel this in your car, imagine what it’s like for a trucker.

It is good to know that most truckers do whatever it takes to remain safe in windy conditions. Unfortunately, not every truck driver realizes the importance of changing his or her approach.

If you find yourself in close proximity to trucks when the weather takes a turn, do your best to keep a safe distance. This can help you avoid an accident and injury in the event that a truck driver makes a mistake. Your safety should always come first.

Source: D&D Truck Sales and Service, “7 Safety Tips for Driving a Truck in High Wind,” accessed April 26, 2016

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