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Drunk Driving is More Common During the Holiday Season
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Drunk Driving is More Common During the Holiday Season

Perspective of a drunk driver behind the wheel | Drunk Driving

Holiday seasons come with an increase in drunk driving.

There is no denying the fact that drunk driving is a major problem in the United States. This is a crime that is committed day after day in every state throughout the country.

Incidents of drunk driving increase during the holiday season. According to a recent report, on average there are 1,900 driving under the influence arrests during the month of December. Due to this increase, police are always on the lookout.

Regardless of where you live or the roadways you are traveling this holiday season, you have probably come across a few highway signs noting that you should not drink and drive. Despite these messages, some people don’t learn their lesson. They decide to drink alcohol, get behind the wheel, and take their chances.

With so many people drinking and driving during the holidays, the chance of an accident also increases. Unfortunately, many drinking and driving accidents result in serious injury and even death.

This year, just the same as every one before it, there will be people who push their luck and hit the road after they have had too much to drink. The worst part of this is that some of these people will cause an accident that injures or kills an innocent person.

Drunk driving always ramps up during the holiday season. As a driver, you should be sober all the time. You should also pay attention to those around you. If you feel that somebody is driving under the influence, keep your distance and then contact police. This could help you and others avoid an accident. If you’ve been involved in an accident and are seeking legal advice, book a consultation with an MHK attorney today.

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