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Even minor workplace hand injuries can be very debilitaitng
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Even minor workplace hand injuries can be very debilitaitng

Anyone who has ever had a hand injury knows how much even a minor wound to a finger or palm can impact your ability to work. Any job that involves using your hands can become impossible, especially if the injury occurred at the workplace.

Hands can be struck by a heavy object, penetrated, twisted, jammed, bent abnormally or crushed. These accidents can cause injury to the hand’s ligaments, tendons, joints, bones or muscles.

Another possible hand injury is dislocation. If a finger gets pulled or pushed out of place by a blow, falls or sudden twisting, it can get dislocated, or taken out of joint. Even after the finger joint is popped back into place, the dislocation can cause problems for the victim, such as damaged soft tissues, nerves or blood vessels. In some cases, a piece of bone from the base of the joint can break off, causing further fractures or other problems.

Without full use of both hands, many work tasks, like manufacturing, lifting, construction and typing can be very difficult. The victim may need time off of work to recover. Some hand injuries are relatively mild, and RICE treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) can be effective in the short term.

Other injuries require more involved treatment. Your doctor may put the injured hand in a splint of cast, and surgery may be necessary.

Meanwhile, you may need workers’ compensation to make up for your lost income, and pay for your medical bills. If your initial claim is denied, an attorney can help you with your appeal.

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