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Event cancelled after student dies in car accident
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Event cancelled after student dies in car accident

Penn State University’s THON charitable campaign has been going strong for years. This time around, however, the organization has decided to suspend a canning weekend, during which students collect donations, due to the death of a student in a car accident.

According to reports, a 19-year-old female student from Connecticut was killed in an accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. She was returning from a canning event in Philadelphia, along with other students, when the crash occurred.

The executive director noted that the group is suspending the upcoming event to take a closer look at the policies associated with its fundraising model. This includes those who would not have been required to travel in order to collect donations.

The executive director also added the following:

“This past week, we have received multiple emails and calls from community members concerned with volunteer safety.”

The suspension of the upcoming event will give the organization time to consider its policies, while also ensuring the safety of students.

The student was the second one in four years to die in a car accident during a donation weekend for THON. This also happened in 2011.

The THON charitable campaign has nothing but the best intentions. Unfortunately, it has led to a couple student deaths over the past four years.

Anybody who spends time driving on the highway, regardless of his or her destination, should realize the importance of remaining safe at all times. This includes watching what other drivers are doing. In the event of an accident, the authorities should be notified and medical help should be sought.

Source: The Morning Call, “Penn State’s THON cancels ‘canning’ weekend after volunteer’s death,” Associated Press, Oct. 06, 2015

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