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Forklifts can cause serious injury to warehouse workers
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Forklifts can cause serious injury to warehouse workers

Just because working in a warehouse does not put you near active manufacturing equipment does not mean that you are completely safe from accidents on the job. A warehouse full of heavy boxes on high shelves poses many potential dangers, especially if management does not make the safety of its workforce a top priority.

Working in a warehouse often means using a forklift to carry inventory from place to place. Forklifts are useful pieces of equipment, but they can also place the user and nearby co-workers at risk.

Like with any wheeled vehicle, if conditions are not right, the driver is at an increased risk of getting into an accident. This is especially true when the operator is working in limited light or in an overly noisy environment. Other risk factors include aisles that are too narrow and lack of sufficient safety devices.

A worker hit, pinned or run over by a forklift can suffer injuries to their back, head, shoulder, or virtually any other body part. Depending on how serious the injury is, it may make it impossible to keep working while it heals. Workers’ compensation can help pay medical bills and lost wages.

So can a third-party lawsuit. Many times, forklift accidents are the result of a defective part on the machine or substandard maintenance by an outside company. When a party that is not the employer contributes to a workplace injury, that party may have to pay at least some of the victim’s damages.

Since every injured worker’s experience is different, a discussion with a workers’ compensation attorney can help victims better understand their options.

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