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How to avoid some common workplace injuries
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How to avoid some common workplace injuries

Some workplace accidents in Pennsylvania are freak accidents, things that could never have been anticipated or avoided, but many of them are rather predictable. By taking the right steps, employers and employees can keep these things from happening.

For instance, a lot of back and spine injuries happen when employees are lifting heavy objects. To prevent this, employers can use carts and winches to assist with lifting when needed, and they can teach employees about technique and form — lifting with their legs, not their backs — so that they’re not hurt even when they have to lift on their own.

Another good way to avoid injuries is by risk mapping. This is done by taking a fresh look at the machines, facilities and equipment that are in use. Employers can look for potential dangers and examine workplace processes, and then they can take steps to eliminate very specific risks.

However, it’s important to remember that employees play a part in the accidents, as well. Employers need to make sure employees are not distracted, either by trying to do multiple jobs at once or by talking on a cellphone while working. Employees should also not be forced into shifts that are too long so that they are over-tired, which can cause them to make mistakes when they feel fatigued that they never would have made with a more sensible schedule that left them feeling fresh and alert.

Even when doing the above, workplace injuries cannot always be avoided. Those who have been hurt on the job must know what rights they have to seek out workers’ compensation.

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