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Common Workers’ Compensation Claim Mistakes
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Common Workers’ Compensation Claim Mistakes

Avoid these Worker’s Compensation Claim Mistakes.

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If you were injured on the job (or became ill) and need to make a workers’ compensation claim, it is imperative to understand how the system works in your state. This can go a long way in helping you avoid mistakes.

Here are several workers’ compensation claim mistakes that can have a negative impact:

  • Failing to report your injury immediately. The longer you wait the better chance there is that your company will claim the injury happened outside of work.

  • Taking advice from your employer. You may think they are trying to help, but in all actuality your employer could be looking for the easy way out. They don’t want to pay your claim, as this will cost them money.

  • Neglecting to tell your medical provider exactly what happened. In addition to the finer details of the injury, including how it occurred, you should tell your medical team that it happened at work.

  • Trusting the workers’ compensation company. Just the same as your employer, the insurance company may not have your best interest in mind. Their job is simple: to limit the payout of claims.

These are the types of mistakes that can impact your workers’ compensation claim. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of the system, including how to avoid every mistake that could hold you back from obtaining compensation.

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