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Safety Concerns Raised Over New Roundabout
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Safety Concerns Raised Over New Roundabout

Dupont roundabout raising concerns among drivers.

Drivers seat of tractor trailer | Roundabout

A new roundabout in Dupont, Pennsylvania, is creating safety issues according to several truck drivers and other motorists. The roundabout is not completed yet, according to a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesman; however, it is open to traffic.

One truck driver who has been driving for 50 years said that you can’t get off the exit without going into the other lanes. He told reporters, “It’s unsafe. They’re going to get somebody killed.”

While a reporter was at the roundabout, there were several trucks that had difficulty negotiating the turn. Another truck driver said, “I had my passenger side tires right up against the curb line on the outside and I still ran the trailer tires across the center of the roundabout.”

The PennDOT spokesman said that the purpose of the roundabout is to get everyone to slow down — especially trucks. However, when obeying the 20 mph speed limit, truck drivers say it is simply too sharp. The spokesman said that the curve of the roundabout will be checked again and again to make sure it is how it is supposed to be.

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