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Seven Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Workers’ Compensation Case
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Seven Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Workers’ Compensation Case

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The Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Here is a preview of the contents of our free book, What Every Pennsylvania Worker Needs To Know About Their Workers’ Compensation Case. We will gladly send you your own copy upon request. In the meantime, here is an abbreviated version of Chapter One, which discusses seven mistakes to avoid. These mistakes, as follows, can actually wreck your workers’ compensation claim:

The first biggest mistake is failing to report your work injury as soon as possible.

If you do not give notice soon after a workplace injury, your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier may claim that it was not work related. The more time goes by, the more difficult this can be to disprove.

The second biggest mistake is taking your employer’s advice about your rights.

Employers, naturally, do not want their employment compensation insurance rates to go up. You may have good rapport with your manager or boss, but your employer’s interests are not the same as your own. Rather, the employer seeks to minimize losses and maximize profits, in all likelihood. Your interests and well-being are not likely to be your employer’s top priority.

The third biggest mistake is failing to seek timely medical treatment and failing to tell your medical provider that the injury happened at work.

Many injured workers lose the opportunity to collect all workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to for this one simple reason. If your medical provider is not well-informed about how your injury happened, insurance billing may not be done correctly. The doctor’s opinion and advice should be strong evidence for your claim. Without this key element in place, it can become difficult to impossible to get your workers’ comp claim in motion.

The fourth biggest mistake is failing to follow your medical provider’s instructions.

The most important reason this is wrong to do is that you may not recover as quickly and completely as you could if you followed your doctor’s advice. Also important: Your noncompliance with doctors’ orders may give the workers’ compensation carrier ammunition to use when delaying or denying your claim for compensation.

The fifth biggest mistake is trusting the workers’ compensation insurance company.

The insurance company is likely to be even less interested in actually helping you than your employer is. The bottom line for the insurer is to limit payout of claims whenever possible. Your interests and the insurance carrier’s interests are at odds, not in alignment.

The sixth biggest mistake is failing to get legal advice early in the process.

While a workplace injury is a rarity for you, MHK Attorneys represents injured workers day in and day out. We are proficient and efficient in helping them recover compensation after an accident or after the onset of a chronic condition caused by work activity.

The final, seventh, biggest mistake is failing to pick the right law firm to represent you.

We are confident that an in-person meeting with one of our attorneys will quickly confirm that we are a good match for your own determination to obtain benefits you are eligible for after an injury on the job.

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