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Slips, trips and falls among the Pennsylvania workforce
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Slips, trips and falls among the Pennsylvania workforce

Of all the workplace accidents that can occur in Pennsylvania’s industries, slips, trips and falls sound the most inconsequential. It is true that many of these accidents merely result in scrapes and bruises; however, many others can cause consequences that are far more serious. In truth, slips, trips and falls actually represent the majority of reported workplace accidents, many of them resulting in death.

While some accidents are simply accidents, others in the slip, trip and fall category could have been prevented by employer action. When business owners or supervisors take the initiative to assess and evaluate the workplace for conditions that might lead to an accident, it benefits the employer and the employees alike. Some of the ways these kinds of accidents can be reduced or eliminated include:

— Keep worksites clean and free of hazards

— Monitor weather conditions outdoors and take steps to remove ice, water or snow

— Make wet floor signs available to use indoors in case of a spill

— Make the cleanup process a part of an employee’s regular work duties

— Keep aisles, walkways, stairways and other work areas free of obstacles

— Perform inspections periodically to minimize hazards

— Maintain good lighting in all work areas

With the simple techniques listed above, employers can reduce workplace accidents and give their workforce the confidence to be more productive. For Pennsylvania employees who have already been injured due to workplace hazards, workers’ compensation is there to help make ends meet during your recovery. It is important for all Pennsylvania workers to understand that filing a workers’ comp is your right under the state’s labor laws.

To learn more about workers’ compensation, please visit our web page dedicated to workplace accidents and legal solutions.

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