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Stress can result in a workers’ compensation claim
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Stress can result in a workers’ compensation claim

Do you find yourself stressed at work? If so, you are in the same position as millions of other Americans. It may not be typical, but there are times when stress can result in a workers’ compensation claim. This doesn’t mean you can make a claim just because you are stressed. Instead, you need to answer a few questions before deciding what to do next:

— Has the stress led to a permanent impairment?

— Did you experience stress in excess of what is normally expected for your position?

— Are you able to prove that the cause of the stress was directly related to your job?

There are many types of workplace injuries that are considered common. For example, a broken bone related to a warehouse accident is something that companies and workers’ compensation providers may expect.

On the flipside, the same cannot be said of stress related claims. These are psychological in nature, making them difficult to prove. But even with the higher standard of proof, it is possible to file this type of claim.

If stress causes extreme anxiety, maybe even resulting in an emotional breakdown, the employee may have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim.

There is nothing simple about a workers’ compensation claim associated with stress. Even though this can be a challenge to prove, it is something that many before you have done so successfully. If your stress is above and beyond what most would consider normal, you may need to file a claim as you are unable to perform your job duties with your current condition.

Source: American Bar Association, “Stressed at Work? You Might Have a Workers Compensation Claim,” accessed March 29, 2016

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