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Construction Safety Tips
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Construction Safety Tips

Hazards on the Job Site

Few jobs have as many hazards as construction. Workers only want to do the job and return home safely. Safety measures should be in place on every construction job. When an accident occurs involving injuries, not only do the injured workers pay, but the job site may be shut down and completion of the project delayed.

Here are a few construction safety tips that can help workers avoid the common injuries on a construction site:

  • Sit down when possible when you are working at lower levels. Not every job requires construction workers to be up in the air. Lower level jobs can put a strain on your waist and knees. Sitting down on a stable stool can help avoid these injuries.
  • Use tools that are ergonomically correct. When you use tools that are poorly designed, it is possible to develop medical conditions such as trigger finger, white finger, tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • Lift objects using the strength of your legs. Backaches are common for construction workers and it’s often due to lifting incorrectly. Make sure to bend your knees and don’t twist to the side whenever you lifting.
  • Keep your arms and wrists neutral. You could feel a variety of symptoms by the end of your shift, such as tingling, swelling and pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also develop.
  • Keep your tool belt balanced. While nice to use because of the convenience, a tool belt that is unevenly balanced can mess with your body’s alignment.

These are just a few of the many construction safety tips. If you are injured in a construction accident, you have a right to seek workers’ compensation benefits. If you are denied, an experienced lawyer can help you file an appeal. Contact MHK Attorneys or visit our Facebook page for more info.


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