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What Your Doctor Needs To Know About Your Workplace Injury
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What Your Doctor Needs To Know About Your Workplace Injury

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Keep your doctor informed about a workplace injury!

Keep in mind as you pursue workers’ compensation benefits: Your doctor needs to know all about your workplace injury and how it happened. What you tell him or her will end up in your medical records. What you do not tell him or her may be ignored — and may be used as evidence that an injury was not actually work related.

Tell Your Doctor What Happened And How It Has Affected You

In particular, your doctor needs to know at every visit (not just during your first visit):

  • What your specific complaints are, including pain, sleep disturbances and general feelings such as fatigue
  • How your symptoms began: specifically, that they started as a result of a workplace injury
  • How you have complied with his or her recommendations from previous visits
  • How you have responded to medications or therapy

Your doctor should be reminded that it is a work-related injury. Once your doctor understands you are coping with a workplace injury, he or she will know that the workers’ compensation insurer should receive the bills, rather than your private insurance. Getting this straight from the beginning can save trouble for the duration of your case.

You should articulate all your aches and pains clearly, every time. If you do not speak up and get your symptoms and their work-related causes described by a doctor in your medical records, you may be setting the stage for a denial of your workers’ compensation claim.

Follow Doctors’ Orders

Following doctors’ requirements and recommendations is critical for any injury claim, including workers’ compensation claims. If your doctor has directed you to get diagnostic tests, such as an MRI or an EMG, or to get physical therapy, follow through.

Work With A Trusted, Knowledgeable Workers’ Comp Attorney

For best results getting your medical bills paid after a workplace injury, work closely with a workers’ compensation attorney at every step of the process of pursuing benefits. MHK Attorneys in Pennsylvania serves injured workers throughout the Lehigh Valley, including Monroe County.

For more information, we invite you to view our YouTube video about workplace injuries and our law practice. You may also request a free copy of our book, What Every Pennsylvania Worker Needs To Know About Workers’ Compensation. See pages 12 and 13 for specific advice on how to discuss your on-the-job injury with your doctor.

Your Doctor Can Be An Important Ally After A Pennsylvania Workplace Injury, And So Can Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Don’t wait until you receive our book to talk to an attorney. Schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers at MHK Attorneys here or by calling 570-839-8050 or 570-839-8050 FREE.

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