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Workers’ compensation and employer duties
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Workers’ compensation and employer duties

If you are injured on the job, you understand the importance of getting immediate medical attention. This is not a time to think about filing a workers’ compensation claim. Instead, you need to do whatever it takes to stabilize your injury.

When the time comes to file a workers’ compensation claim, it is a good idea to learn as much as possible about your rights as well as your employer’s duties.

Here are some of the duties your employer must live up to:

— Provide immediate medical treatment if a person is injured on the job.

— Complete a report detailing the injury. It must then be mailed to a local workers’ compensation office

— Create a written report of the accident if it caused any injury.

— Comply with all requests for additional information from the insurance company and/or workers’ compensation board. This can include but is not limited to statements of earnings, information on when and where the accident occurred, and reports of when the employee is expected to return to work.

You cannot force your employer to live up to these duties. Instead, you must simply hope that they know what is expected of them and are willing to follow the law down to every last detail.

Being injured on the job can throw your life into a downward spiral. Not only does this mean you will require medical treatment, but it could stop you from being able to work. If this happens, you need to realize the importance of filing a workers’ compensation claim to receive the benefits due to you in Pennsylvania.

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